Generating customers from the internet in a Snap!

Snap Media is an internet marketing firm that specializes in Search Engine Optimization and Geo Domains. Our goal is to build quality websites that customers are able to easily find through the search engines. What good is a good looking website when your customers can’t find you? SEO is the most important part of internet marketing because it has the biggest ROI (Return on Investment) of any type of internet marketing. Once the work is done, your site will continue to produce leads without having to continually pay high Pay Per Click fees. Snap Media also offers other services such as website design, pay-per-click management, and local search marketing.

We are not into taking any shortcuts and we only build quality sites that are optimized. Give us a call today to find out how we could help you and your business succeed in the world of internet marketing at an affordable cost to you.

Website Leasing

Wouldn’t you like to be at the top of a search in the major search engines? A natural (organic) search presence for your company can help you connect with the millions of people who use search engines each and every month. You can leverage this powerful resource into drastically increasing leads that will in turn, help you increase revenue.

Snap Media offers very affordable website leasing for small businesses across the United States and Canada. All of our websites are already ranking high in the search engines, this allows you to benefit from long-term web-site marketing strategies. A high rank in the search engines can generate hundreds of unique visits every month, from people who are already looking for a business in your particular location and field.

Affordable Marketing

Our inexpensive website leasing program will enable you to “rent” an optimized website for your individual market. This will allow you to generate a significant amount of new traffic and new leads to increase your revenue.

For a company operating  in a competitive market, such as a realtor or a dentist, each new lead is crucial for growth. Your internet marketing strategy should be efficient and not be a waste of resources used on poorly targeted traffic. At Snap Media, our expertise is in creating search engine optimized websites that target your specific location and service.

Leasing a website is an affordable marketing strategy.

Profits, especially in long term ones, are the goal of any for-profit organization. Marketing tools, like commercials, billboards, mailing pieces, and newspapers utilize little targeted traffic. These methods are very expensive and cost a lot for each lead that you receive.

With SEO (search engine optimization), you benefit from having consumers that are already searching for a business just like yours – all that you need is to get noticed! Additionally, SEO can allow you to perfect your brand image and allow you to reach a bigger demographic. The cost-per-lead ratio is much cheaper and effective utilizing a targeted internet marketing campaign.

Also, having a website built from scratch can also be costly. You could easily spend $5k to $10k having a site built and optimized. You’d also have to wait some time before your site pulls up high in the organic rankings, depending on the industry it could be 1-3 years before you see any return on your investment.

Creating a long term marketing strategy.

An optimized web-site can create ample amounts of traffic in the #1 medium that potential customers are using. According to ComScore, a leading marketing research company, the North American Internet audience grew 18% in 2009. Having an online presence today helps ensure your front page prowess as more consumers turn to the most popular marketing tool in the world.

Easily integrate your company’s image and brand.

Each of our web-sites has attractive, industry specific designs that incorporate your brand and/or logo. For the companies that want to take the layout to the next level, complete web-site customization is available. Our highly skilled designers can work with you to custom tailor each element of  your web-site to your unique vision.

Our domains are keyword rich and have additional SEO benefits.

Snap Media maintains hundreds of websites that contains domains that are keyword specific. These domains have a combination of your geographic location and industry. For instance AtlantaPoolTableMovers.com and DentistTulsa.net are some examples. Keyword rich domains are an asset for any company’s  internet marketing campaign.

Our website leases already have an attractive design and good content.

You need more than to just bring traffic to your company’s website. To generate leads, you have to grab a consumer’s attention. Our websites combine quality content with appealing design, increasing the likelihood to convert visitors into customers.

Generate more quality leads!

Internet marketing and it’s potential is growing every day. Attract new customers and refine your business’s image by leasing an optimized website. To learn more about how this valuable resource could help your company grow and reach it’s potential.

Call 214-495-1690 or email us to speak with one of our SEO specialists.

We can do a live demonstration of your prospective website on the front page of Google. Our SEO specialists will also analyze your current online strategy and tools that could enhance your lead generation. Are you getting the most and from search engine traffic?